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I began my career as a historian of Venice. My first book Pistols! Treason! Murder! is a non-fiction account of the career of a seventeenth-century Venetian spy, Gerolamo Vano.

I subsequently became a writer and photographer. My first novel Five Wounds is a dark fairy tale set in an alternate version of Venice, created in collaboration with the illustrator Dan Hallett.

My second novel The Angels of L19 is a work of weird fiction set in an evangelical church in 1984 Liverpool, a world I grew up in.

My third novel Push Process is based around my photographs of Venice, and was published on 6 March 2024.

Five Wounds is available exclusively via this site as a print-on-demand paperback – see the book's page in the 'Publications' section.

Pistols! Treason! Murder! is currently out of print, but will be reissued at some point in the near future, either by myself or someone else.

I've also produced two photography zines; and I've written several academic articles on the history of Venice: details and links under the 'Publications' section.

All photographs on this site are by the author (apart from the cover of The Angels of L19). All other illustrations are by Dan Hallett.